Deral Essential Wellness Studio was created to connect your body & mind in order to achieve overall health and wellness. Our minds can affect our biological functioning through our positive and negative thoughts and feelings. We must stop, take time out, connect and focus on becoming the best version of ourselves for a positive outlook on life. Whether you’re looking for a one on one personalised session or group bookings, Deral can facilitate to your needs.

Deral Essential Wellness Classes are guided by our talented and experienced instructors. Our class types range from beginner to advanced and are performed in a variety of temperatures depending on the class.

  • Purna Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Flow n Glow Class (Yoga/Tai Chi/ Pilates inspired workout)
  • Broga (Mens only Yoga)

Holistic Counselling is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes. Coined from a Greek word, ‘holos’, meaning ‘whole’ or ‘complete’, holistic therapies approach disease and disorders as parts of a greater whole. Rather than treating just the symptoms, a holistic practitioner looks deeper and tries to uncover underlying causes. Holistic counsellors look at the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit to help facilitate wellness. Deral has studied with IMTTA, The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association. Through her studies with IMTTA, she provides clients with the following support. Understanding stress Physiological responses to stress Psychological causes of stress The psychology of happiness Subconscious programming and reprogramming States of mind & Fundamentals of self-image Tools for healing Positive thinking skills Foundations of Mind-Body Medicine Meditation as a healing tool & Hypnotic states Meditation Styles and Techniques Breathwork Chakras and energy Meditations Guided Meditations & visualization Mantras and affirmations in Meditation The IMTTA Training Courses are evidence-based and include referencing to scientific research, providing their therapists with a grounded, non-sectarian and extremely professional knowledge base. Deral has covered a wide range of topics, including an understanding of anatomy and physiology, humanistic psychology and holistic counselling practices as well as teaching skills, corporate stress management and a wide range of other important topics to contribute to helping her clients heal. Deral not only draws from her studies with IMTTA, but also her training from the world renowned and best selling author Louise Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ workshop facilitator.

Meaning “science or wisdom of life”. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old Indian Healing System and is a union of the mind, body senses and soul. Through nutrition, yoga and meditation, it focuses on treating the individual as a whole rather than a specified issue or disease. The individual can then achieve balance, vibrant health and wellness not only in the physical sense but in the mind and spirit as well. It is a proven guide for a life of happiness, vitality, love and purpose. True health is a state if Vibrant Balance in which all layers of one’s life are integrated. Ayurveda provides tools to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing through your conscious choices, enliving the nourishing connections between mind, body & soul.

Aroma Touch Massage is the quickest way to reduce physical and emotional stressors by supporting healthy autonomic function. In this massage, we apply doTERRA oils along the meridians & visceral contact points for stress management, immune support, inflammatory response, homeostasis, lymphatic movement to bring you balance.

ThetaHealing is a spiritual, physical and emotional healing technique conducted while you are in a theta brainwave state. This is where you are awake but fully relaxed, as you would be during a meditation. Having a healing session while you’re in this state enables you to access, and get rid of, unhelpful beliefs and painful feelings stored in the subconscious. ThetaHealing is the ultimate tool in self-empowerment as it can reprogram the subconscious mind. It enables you to release feelings connected with events from the past so you can be free of the pain and restriction from those issues and live more in the present moment. ‘Pain’ from issues past can be emotional, spiritual or mental, and in some people presents itself as physical and mental health problems. It’s the fasted way to re program the subconscious mind and release old limiting belief systems that no longer serve you.

Deral also offers readings and headings to her clients.

Malachi’s Message is a beautifully composed sequence of the events which unfolded after Deral’s unsuccessful pregnancy of her fourth boy, Malachi.

Hear how Deral’s experiences left her awakened to a deeper state of consciousness that began her healing in profound and amazing ways.

She has gone from an overweight, depressed and anxious stay at home mother with suicidal thoughts, to a successful business woman with a passion for helping woman heal their body’s, mend their broken hearts and bring peace to their tormented minds. 


Our rural sanctuary provides a unique refuge to relax and let go of the everyday stress in your life. It’s the perfect place to connect mind, body and soul.
Deral Essential Wellness also works in conjunction with Studio 9 Fitness. The two studios provide an effective technique in order to prevent injuries, illness and improve your overall health and wellbeing.


"Create a life that feels good on the inside, Not one that just Looks Good from the outside."

Deral Weir

I’m a soul shaker, rule breaker and game changer.

I’m a dream chaser, peace maker and risk taker.

I’m a Platinum doTerra Leader, Yogini, Gym and Health Studio Owner, Aromatouch Therapist, Zumba Specialist, Ayurveda Enthusiast, Holistic Health Lover, wife and mother to three gorgeous young men.

I own Studio 9 Fitness in Leeton and Narrandera along with a thriving essential oil business. I empower people to take care of the health of their mind body spirit with alternative methods such as essential oils, yoga, Aromatouch Massage, Ayurveda, holistic counselling, mindfulness and meditation.

I love helping woman to wake the hell up and realise their own potential, step outside their comfort zone, not to let society dictate to them what they can and can’t do or achieve and chase her dreams down like the god damn Warrior Goddess that she is.

I believe I do this with Grace, Love, Authentic Rawness, and a ‘get shit done & keep it real’ kind of attitude. 

My Beliefs

  • We are born to be real not perfect.
  • We need to get real with ourselves about the parts of us that we don’t particularly like.
  • We need to Accept and love ourselves…the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all makes up the many layers of who we actually areour authentic self.
  • We are all going through the same feelings and emotions, it’s just our story’s that differ.
  • We need to strive and learn the tools needed to be ‘unfuckwithable’! – when you are truly at peace and accept yourself, nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you.
  • We are all spiritual beings having an earthy experience – not human beings only having a spiritual experience when we die as most people believe. When you understand this, the way you look at life and your circumstances change dramatically for the better.
  • We are all the perfect version of ourselves for this point in time, for this lifetime.
  • Everything is always as it’s meant to be.
  • Our thoughts, words and actions are creating our future…so choose them wisely.
  • We are here to teach each other unconditional love.
  • Life is an awesome adventure.

My passion

  • Helping woman find peace in their own skin.
  • Empowering woman to love who they are and live a life they love.
  • Educating woman about alternative ways to take care of their health.
  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
  • Doing things MY way.

doTERRA Essential oils

doTERRA means “gift of the earth” and once you try doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, you’ll come to understand these beautiful oils are truly a precious gift to us from Mother Nature. Essential oils are both exciting and promising when it comes to taking care of you and your families health. Whether you’re applying essential oils topically, enjoying or taking essential oils internally, the positive benefits are boundless. doTERRA oils compliment the quest for holistic health and wellness and trust me when I say “Theres an oil for everything” From immune support to heart & respiratory support, tension, joint function, low mood & focus just to name a few.